The So Frail Series

The TRUE Definition Of Masculinity That
Has Evolved Its Understanding Like Never Before!

Sarcastically titled, The So Frail Series is an unorthodox expression that addresses the idea of toxic masculinity. So Frail peels the layers of masculinity back to reveal its truest essence.

So Frail: A Reality to Black Male Masculinity
The Definition
So Frail begins by defining masculinity. The first way to understand anything is to name it. The second is to define it...

With So Frail, I dive deep into it as an essence, not an attribute. Unfiltered, raw and honest, I express what masculinity is, what masculinity isn't and what we have succumbed to. I break down many of the factors that have made our masculinity frail and how we go about identifying those factors in our lives to make the necessary adjustments... 
So Frail II: Toxic Femininity
The Acknowledgment
So Frail II goes deeper into masculinity by showing what we have accepted as masculinity and EXACTLY what makes it toxic. Here is where I define femininity in the same light that I defined masculinity...

Contrary to the title, it has NOTHING to do with women. It is based on femininity as the essence, not the attribute. I elaborate on what we have accepted as masculinity and how it effects us spiritually, mentally and physically...
So Frail III: Masculine Divinity
The Resolution
So Frail III is the final piece to the puzzle of masculinity. Here is where the resolution is presented to explain how to access the depths of the essence.

Masculine divinity brings the series to completion by exploring, and revealing, the keys to the soul. When the divine is accessed, the entire being will be transformed...permanently.
So Frail Reviews
It is said “What is to give light must endure burning.” The content within this vital resource is straight fire that allows for our melinated path to be well lit once again! It continues on from “So Frail: A Reality to Black Male Masculinity” taking a unique, objective look at what has occurred, where we presently are and what needs to be done (trust me you’ll have a lot of “oh sh*t” moments). The author cleverly brings forth and soundly articulates goals in the book that shift us out of our immature fixations and unites us towards objectives worthy of our individual and collective true essence. Not just a book that I own but a guide that I utilize to enrich my personal journey as a Black man. Go ahead, I double dare you to purchase two copies, one for self and the other for a brother you love.

- Patrick
Listen, I’ve never in all my life read something that left me speechless. The way he breaks down masculine energy, the Black man, and his reality was what made me understand Black men a whole lot better. It gave me a totally different perspective. He speaks to you as if you’re having a conversation in his living room but all you’re doing is listening. He drops pure knowledge. Realness and super witty. This brother is a writer you need to have in your collection. SIMPLE.

- Tiffany
So Frail is unconventional and unapologetically authentic!

This body of work strips us of all excuses and forces readers to be accountable for the role we each play in the emasculation of Black Men and how we've continued a toxic cycle of incorrectly defining and labeling masculinity.

So Frail is a call to action in real time. It is a sophisticated compilation of both problems and solutions. The author, Racine McGee, is a pioneer in the research and implementation of masculinity and has created a framework for healing that is unlike anything this world has seen to date.

- Yolanda
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